Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'Tard Producers who screw things up for the rest of us...

Here's a section pulled from an email I recieved from a Producer looking for work:


I am emailing because I saw you attended MIPTV and would love to work with your company.  
I have produced mostly reality TV for Ten and Seven (I have attached my resume).  
I represent an extreme sports company and I have sold childrens DVDs.
I am looking for fulltime/contract work in development/os sales/series producing.  
I have an Australian contact in Bejing that can supply 22 minutes of animation for $us3000."

It goes on.

Firstly, look at the sentance structure. Could this guy be just a little self-focussed?
Secondly, 22 minutes of animation for US3K? On what fucking planet?
Even if this was the actual figure that this 'contact in Bejing' (way to spell, buddy) is able to match, I can hazard a guess as to the quality - turd-tastic.
So how is this guy screwing things up for the rest of us?
By not checking his numbers.
Even with Back-end and territories, a half-hour (22-24 minutes - the rest is ad breaks) of animation production will cost upwards of US$40,000.00 to send to an OS studio. Usually it costs around US$70,000.00.
It's cowboy pricks like this that give hard-ons to Executive producers by quoting unsubstantiated low figures. The net result is that overall budgets are driven down to the point where shows are impossible to make.

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Anonymous said...

I believe it's "sentence" structure.