Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Does It Cost To Produce A Webisode?

There's the start of an interesting conversation on the topic over at NEWTEEVEE.

We need more Australian data on this.

Personally, I'm involved in producing an animated FLASH Webisode at the moment that is costing approximately AUD$6,500.00 to produce the first 1-minute pilot. The client hopes to get this to around $2,000.00 per minute eventually, but I think $3,000.00 is more realistic.
Why? Because a Flash Animator (who is, after all, a specialist) worth his or her salt will be able to, depending on complexity, produce 30 seconds of Flash animation in a week and will usually charge about AUD$1,200.00 for the effort. Factor in GST, and you have a bill of $2,640.00 for a minute of Flash animation.
Of course, how much you can do in a week is largely up to how picky the client is and how many notes they throw at you.

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